Building confident,
independent readers

Esteam supports teachers and parents by harnessing the power of AI, speech recognition and a science-based approach to help assess and teach children to read independently.

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A virtual reading tutor

Esteam Reader helps assess a child’s reading progress by intelligently listening and assessing as they read out loud.

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Listens and gives
feedback as a student reads
Automated oral
reading assessments
Intelligent, AI-powered
personalized stories
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Esteam ReaderTM helps assess a child’s reading progress by intelligently listening and assessing as they read out loud.

Custom content made
for each child

Esteam ReaderTM is not a one size fits all curriculum. We recognize that every child’s learning journey is different. We bring the latest in generative AI to create personalized stories and assessments that hone in on every child’s strengths and areas for practice.

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Helping teachers

Esteam understands the demands of busy educators. Our AI-powered solution streamlines assessments, eliminating manual evaluations, and automates personalized content creation. Save time and effort with our cost-effective tool, allowing you to focus on delivering engaging instruction to your students.

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Helping families

Reading IS rocket science. We simplify the reading journey, transforming it into a joyful experience for your child. With our parental engagement features, you actively participate in their progress. Access reports, review activities, and get personalized recommendations. Let's ignite a love for reading together!

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Closing the literacy gap

We combine custom content, automated assessments, and access to empower all learners. By delivering targeted instruction and addressing individual needs, we provide an equitable learning experience that fosters literacy skills and closes the gap. Join us in creating a future where every child has the opportunity to read, learn, and succeed.

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